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2007 International Haddock Symposium

October 25 and 26, 2007

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

Over 90 scientists, fishermen, and managers were on hand for the 2007 International Haddock Symposium held in Portsmouth, NH on October 25th and 26th. Focusing on the biology, behavior, and fisheries management of haddock, the symposium enabled stakeholders from countries all around the Atlantic Ocean to share knowledge of this important fish.

Co-sponsored by the Northeast Consortium, the symposium consisted of four verbal presentation sessions and one poster session. A panel discussion following each verbal session allowed the symposium attendees to address broad-scope issues involving the applicability of research or appropriate management responses.

  dave marciano
  Dave Marciano was one of several New England fishermen who participated in the symposium. Photo by Pingguo He.

One of the highlights of the symposium was the keynote address given by Dr. Clem Wardle. The premier scientist in pioneering research of fish behavior and swimming mechanics, Dr. Wardle emphasized that early research still has much to tell us, and must not be overlooked in a nearsighted age where computerized abstract searches may restrict our field of view to the last 20 years.

dave marciano
Clem Wardle gave a keynote speech highlighting pioneering research in fish behavior.
Photo by Pingguo He.

An undercurrent throughout many of the presentations was the importance of collaborative research. Much of what has been learned about haddock in recent years would not have been accomplished without the participation of fishermen in research projects. It is refreshing to see the results of these projects be the main point of discussion, rather than debates over methods involving collaboration with the fishing industry.

For more information about the symposium, including detailed session schedules, visit the 2007 International Haddock Symposium's website.