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Submitting Data
What do I do with my data?

Data from completed projects should be submitted to the Northeast Consortium Fisheries and Oceans Data Management System. The submission of data is a simple process; however, investigators are encouraged to contact the Northeast Consortium Data Management Office prior to submission. The data may be in a spreadsheet or in a word processing tabular format. Any computer readable file (except PDF format), in either ASCII or binary format, is acceptable as long as supporting documentation about the file contents is provided. Images may be in several formats, including GIF, TIFF, JPEG, and PNG. The Data Management Office will accept data via e-mail, floppy disk, CD-ROM, DVD, and ftp file transfers.

All data should be accompanied by an explanatory file that will be posted in the "Description and Documentation" section of the data system. This file should contain the following information:

  • Project title.
  • Year(s) funded. Note if the research was a project development award.
  • Principal investigator(s) (list name, institution and/or F/V name).
  • Other key participants (list name, institution and/or F/V name).
  • Project abstract/summary.
  • List variables and brief descriptions of each variable.
  • Any other explanatory notes for the data, including data acquisition and data processing methodologies.

Note that all project final reports submitted to the Northeast Consortium will be accessible via the Data Management System. The explanatory notes should contain all the information necessary to make the dataset understandable. Interpretive information should be contained within the final report.

Other Guidance on Data Format

While each data set is unique, the following guidelines will help in submitting data:

  • Data fields should not be color coded.
  • Blank data fields should be identified as either containing no data ('nd') or a zero where zero is a real observed value. Do not use '999's to mean "no data." All cells should contain observed values or "nd." Do not leave blanks in the cells below an entry if it means that the same entry is repeated.
  • Relevant dates, vessel names, identification notations, etc. should be repeated in columns, not rows.
  • Comments within a data sheet should appear only once and be limited to one column, not several times in several different columns.
  • Please try to avoid the characters ' ( ) ' ' ? and & in your data. The web interprets these characters very specifically.

Data that are ready to serve will be served more quickly than data that requires extensive reformatting by the Data Management Ooffice. Please contact the Northeast Consortium with questions.

Proprietary information

Cooperative research participants may consider certain information to be proprietary, such as the precise location where fish are caught if the research was conducted using a Day-at-Sea. It is possible to hide certain data fields and the Northeast Consortium will work with researchers, at their request, on a case-by-case basis.

Web-based Project Data Sets

Researchers may post data to their own website, that is, a website not hosted by the Northeast Consortium. However, the data must also be posted to the Fisheries and Oceans Data Management System.

Contact Information

For all matters relating to data submission and accessibility, please contact Dicky Allison at the Northeast Consortium Data Management Office.

Dicky Allison, Database Manager
Northeast Consortium Data Management Office
Swift House, MS #38
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Woods Hole , MA 02543
Tel: (508) 289-2298
Email Dicky Allision

For questions relating to the scientific or technical aspects of collaborative research projects, please contact Rachel Feeney at the Northeast Consortium.

Rachel Feeney, Fisheries Specialist
Northeast Consortium
University of New Hampshire
8 College Road, Durham, NH 03824
Tel: 603-862-0136
Fax 603-862-0243
Email Rachel Feeney

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